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Alliston's story



Alliston had a tough start to life and after years of institutional living finally left Ladysbridge Hospital in October 1992, and was supported by Inspire.

As a youngster Alliston was always up to mischief and on several occasions fell into Peterhead harbour while watching the drifters unloading the herring, in the hope to catch one so he could use it to go line fishing.  Alliston developed epilepsy at a young age and was subsequently transferred to the Bridge of Weir.  This was the start of his journey in institutional life.

During his transfer back to Peterhead, at his request, he moved into a registered care home with three other people. After many years of living together, Allison had great friends in Brian and George.  When the house became unfit for purpose it was agreed that a new home would need to be developed for the three men, and, given the opportunity, rather than ask for single flats they asked that they live together. They moved to Threadneedle Street.

Threadneedle Street was previously Alliston’s family home as a very young child.  His grandparents had lived in the house he latterly lived in and it was felt that Alliston was returning home.  Along with George and Brian, they designed their house to meet their needs and worked along side the National Trust for Scotland and their architects in designing their bedrooms from where the electric sockets were, to which part of the house they resided. 

Allison was a lovely man who was known for wearing a kilt with pride in any social events. He had a wicked sense of humour, and a cheeky smile that would get him off with anything. He loved Laurel and Hardy movies, arts & crafts, themed social nights and going on holiday to Balmoral where the Royal Family meant a lot to him.  He particularly loved Big Brother and requested his whole support centred round the TV show.  The X Factor with McFlurries from McDonalds (prior to peg feed) was also a hit and he went to many live shows when they were in Aberdeen.  He enjoyed listen to music and laughed at staff singing along to his CDs.

Sadly Alliston’s health deteriorated, and through his determination with the medical profession, he received a Gastrostomy operation to allow him to be ‘peg fed’.   Nevertheless this proved not as successful as everyone, including Alliston, hoped.

It was with great sadness and loss to everyone who knew him that Alliston died aged 71 on Thursday 6th February 2014. 

However a number of years ago he compiled his funeral plan, giving both family and staff a clear indication of his last wishes. We would advocate that everyone we support has the opportunity in compiling their funeral plan as this brought great comfort to his family and to the staff who, at an emotional time, were directed by Alliston to what he wanted rather than everyone being relied upon to know the answers. His funeral was extremely person centred and the staff who supported him were not only professional but a credit to Inspire.

Alliston’s family remain in regular contact with George, Brian and the staff team. He is sorely missed by all who knew him, however he may be gone, but never forgotten.     

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